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21:10YouTube Couples Are Getting Out Of Hand
YouTube Couples Are Getting Out Of Handvisningar 1,1mn4 dagar sedan
24:07This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity
13:25I Am Terrified Of This Man
I Am Terrified Of This Manvisningar 2mn21 dag sedan
35:44I Became A Country Boy
I Became A Country Boyvisningar 1,7mnMånad sedan
17:13Let's Watch My Favorite TikToks
Let's Watch My Favorite TikToksvisningar 1,9mnMånad sedan
33:03GOAT STORY 2: Was This Necessary?
GOAT STORY 2: Was This Necessary?visningar 1,7mn2 månader sedan
25:18TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humor
TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humorvisningar 2,6mn2 månader sedan
17:09Episode 4: The L Word
Episode 4: The L Wordvisningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
31:37This Low-Budget Animated Movie Ruined My Life
This Low-Budget Animated Movie Ruined My Lifevisningar 2,6mn3 månader sedan
21:40Checking In With Sebastian Bails
Checking In With Sebastian Bailsvisningar 3,2mn3 månader sedan
27:47TikTok's Worst Dating Coach
TikTok's Worst Dating Coachvisningar 3,4mn4 månader sedan
32:28Fulfilling My Childhood Dream of Becoming a Magician
15:37"Relatable" Memes That Aren't Relatable At All
"Relatable" Memes That Aren't Relatable At Allvisningar 1,5mn5 månader sedan
18:28EPISODE 3: The Betrayal
EPISODE 3: The Betrayalvisningar 1,3mn5 månader sedan
22:44Stop Pranking Essential Workers
Stop Pranking Essential Workersvisningar 2,2mn5 månader sedan
18:11FAKE DEEP 2
FAKE DEEP 2visningar 2,4mn6 månader sedan
15:50Getting Cancelled
Getting Cancelledvisningar 2,2mn6 månader sedan
21:21I Found the Best Actor on TikTok
I Found the Best Actor on TikTokvisningar 3,4mn6 månader sedan
29:26SUPERBABIES: The Superhero Movie of Your Nightmares
16:14Straight People Gotta Stop
Straight People Gotta Stopvisningar 2,8mn7 månader sedan
18:33Making Your Insane Green Screen Ideas
Making Your Insane Green Screen Ideasvisningar 1,4mn7 månader sedan
18:06EPISODE: Episode 2 (The 2nd Episode)
EPISODE: Episode 2 (The 2nd Episode)visningar 1,6mn8 månader sedan
26:13Does Anybody Else Remember "Manswers"?
Does Anybody Else Remember "Manswers"?visningar 2,9mn8 månader sedan
29:45I Lived Like WeWearCute For A Day
I Lived Like WeWearCute For A Dayvisningar 2,9mn8 månader sedan
16:42Cringey Imagines 3
Cringey Imagines 3visningar 2,3mn8 månader sedan
24:00I Enrolled In Jake Paul's Business School
I Enrolled In Jake Paul's Business Schoolvisningar 2,3mn9 månader sedan
16:06"Episode" Is The Weirdest Mobile Game Of All Time
18:55The Chaotic TikTok Sisters
The Chaotic TikTok Sistersvisningar 2,9mn10 månader sedan
21:28The Convention for Women...By Men
The Convention for Women...By Menvisningar 3,3mn10 månader sedan
22:10Justin Bieber's Bizarre Desperation
Justin Bieber's Bizarre Desperationvisningar 2,8mn10 månader sedan
22:24The Hype House: TikTok's Team 10
The Hype House: TikTok's Team 10visningar 3,5mn10 månader sedan
20:15I Let My Subscribers Pick My Next Tattoo
I Let My Subscribers Pick My Next Tattoovisningar 960tn11 månader sedan
34:02They Had To Film This Terrible Christmas Movie Twice
9:09important update on my last video
important update on my last videovisningar 1,9mn11 månader sedan
30:57Twisted Pair: The Best Worst Movie?
Twisted Pair: The Best Worst Movie?visningar 2,5mnÅr sedan
18:49The TikTok Mafia
The TikTok Mafiavisningar 3,2mnÅr sedan
20:39The Worst Tattoos You’ll Ever See
The Worst Tattoos You’ll Ever Seevisningar 2,8mnÅr sedan
32:26Baby Geniuses: A Horror Film In Disguise
21:15Lying On The Internet For Attention
Lying On The Internet For Attentionvisningar 4,1mnÅr sedan
18:31Are Men Really Trash?
Are Men Really Trash?visningar 3,4mnÅr sedan
19:31The Weirdest Couple Ever...Was Fake?
The Weirdest Couple Ever...Was Fake?visningar 2,9mnÅr sedan
22:12Pranking Your Girlfriend Every Single Day
25:54This Canadian Reality TV Show Is Terrifying
24:58The E-Boy Invasion 2
The E-Boy Invasion 2visningar 4,9mnÅr sedan
15:58The Police Officers of TikTok
The Police Officers of TikTokvisningar 1,9mnÅr sedan
23:33The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show 3
17:23BOXBOY: Revisited
BOXBOY: Revisitedvisningar 2,1mnÅr sedan
24:48The Most Confusing Movie I Have Ever Seen
17:35Insanely Specific T-Shirts 2
Insanely Specific T-Shirts 2visningar 2mnÅr sedan
16:18The Most Attractive Man on YouTube
The Most Attractive Man on YouTubevisningar 3,4mnÅr sedan
25:40Fateful Findings: An Extremely Weird Movie
25:18The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show 2
17:53This Low-Budget Prank Show Is Terrifying
21:07The E-Boy Invasion
The E-Boy Invasionvisningar 4mnÅr sedan
14:17Country Memes
Country Memesvisningar 2,2mnÅr sedan
17:32Destroying Your Liver For Content
Destroying Your Liver For Contentvisningar 1,3mnÅr sedan
15:39Cringey Imagines 2
Cringey Imagines 2visningar 3,4mnÅr sedan
20:10The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show
The Internet's Cringiest Dating Showvisningar 4,2mnÅr sedan
19:34The Strange World of YouTube Subliminals
22:51The "I'm Not Like Most Girls" Phenomenon
14:52The Divorcees of Tik Tok
The Divorcees of Tik Tokvisningar 3,8mnÅr sedan
23:24Tik Tok's Most Talented Comedians
Tik Tok's Most Talented Comediansvisningar 3,9mnÅr sedan
20:36"Deep" Content That Isn't Deep At All
15:55Facebook & Their Insanely Specific T-Shirts
16:42Lying for Likes & Retweets
Lying for Likes & Retweetsvisningar 4,3mnÅr sedan
15:10The 'Soft Boy' Epidemic
The 'Soft Boy' Epidemicvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
23:10Christian Mingle: The Movie
Christian Mingle: The Movievisningar 3,6mnÅr sedan
15:38Pranks with Bae
Pranks with Baevisningar 2mnÅr sedan
17:09The Country Girls of TikTok
The Country Girls of TikTokvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
16:54"Uh Oh": The Weirdest Kids' Show Ever Made
16:55Instagram Magicians
Instagram Magiciansvisningar 1,4mn2 år sedan
10:41Roasting Old Embarrassing Pictures of Myself
14:52These 'Niche Memes' Need to Stop
These 'Niche Memes' Need to Stopvisningar 3,6mn2 år sedan
14:05Roasting My Subscribers
Roasting My Subscribersvisningar 786tn2 år sedan
14:06Noah Centineo: The King of Basic Tweets
Noah Centineo: The King of Basic Tweetsvisningar 2,3mn2 år sedan
10:18The Country Boys of TikTok
The Country Boys of TikTokvisningar 3mn2 år sedan
11:33Cringey 1D Imagines
Cringey 1D Imaginesvisningar 2mn2 år sedan
14:44The Internet's Most Obvious Lies
The Internet's Most Obvious Liesvisningar 4,7mn2 år sedan
12:11My Tattoos Explained
My Tattoos Explainedvisningar 1,6mn2 år sedan
8:51The Absurdity of BuzzFeed Quizzes
The Absurdity of BuzzFeed Quizzesvisningar 1,9mn2 år sedan
8:46Pointless Twitter Threads
Pointless Twitter Threadsvisningar 3,2mn2 år sedan
11:05i roasted my followers' tattoos
i roasted my followers' tattoosvisningar 1mn2 år sedan
9:10Fortnite comedy exists...and it's terrible
10:03Roasting My Old Videos (CRINGE)
Roasting My Old Videos (CRINGE)visningar 629tn2 år sedan
13:13Who Is Lil Miquela?
Who Is Lil Miquela?visningar 831tn2 år sedan
0:55Meetings at Netflix
Meetings at Netflixvisningar 60tn2 år sedan
8:00Unfunny Instagram: kushpapi_
Unfunny Instagram: kushpapi_visningar 1,5mn2 år sedan
0:12If a YouTuber became a priest
If a YouTuber became a priestvisningar 50tn2 år sedan


  • Bruh chain

  • Extravagant boy

  • eeeee e eee e e eeeee eee e e e eeeee ee eeeeee e e ee ee e e eee e e e e

  • I physically can’t explain how much this man makes me laugh

  • Im so happy to hear jacob is cancer free ❤❤❤

  • bro i cringed so hard i had to look away sometimes 🌝

  • He really enunciated in the intro when he said “coming”

  • I can't believe over 700 people disliked this. WTF???

  • boxboi what r u doin

  • Can you guys make a proposal video? Can I be invited to the wedding?

  • Back from the dead, AND looking fresher than ever! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • I like the video bc of the extra greeting even before the rest of the video

  • 5:50

  • 3:48 LMAO their faces

  • The army would never take him


  • Jacob is a fucking miracle

  • Da vinky my vinky If you know... You know


  • I gotta sprint twice faster, I'll be off the earth because... I'll be flying I'm so fast

  • Now I want an airbrush beyblade shirt

  • omg I'm so happy to hear Jacob's better yesss

  • Imagine being named kurtis and not being a middle aged man

  • Jacob looks so healthy, he’s so strong! So inspiring!!

  • 25:35 there’s my chippy 😌

  • da vinky my vinky

  • Guess what guys, we liked the last collab video enough that Jacob’s cancer was cured!


  • Guess what guys, we liked this video enough that Jacob’s cancer was cured!


  • There was a really short lived MTV show where someone would become a celebrity impersonator to try and win a date with someone? Like some guy had a crush on Shakira and a girl he didn't know would then get a make over to look like her and then lip sing to a song. I'm not sure if it's a really a show or a fever dream I had? It would have been on around the time the show, "I want a famous face" was on MTV too.

    • I just found it, the show was called, "My Own" and they didn't lip sync they just straight up butchered songs.

  • There was a really short lived MTV show where someone would become a celebrity impersonator to try and win a date with someone? Like some guy had a crush on Shakira and a girl he didn't know would then get a make over to look like her and then lip sing to a song. I'm not sure if it's a really a show or a fever dream I had? It would have been on around the time the show, "I want a famous face" was on MTV too.

  • i love when kurtis does the dance. you know the one

  • Girl: ooh, juicy squirt 2:41

  • h

  • Christian mingle ps5

  • jakob's kinda sus

  • I smashed the like immediately for Jacob's clap kiss

  • Stoked to see Jacob back! ✨Happy Bois✨

  • my favorite Canadian is ...... Kurtis CornB)

  • that was one speedy treatment, hope youre doing good jacob <3 dont tell kurtis but i love you more than him

  • Come on, you didn’t have to attack me like that :(

  • When he said he kicked his girlfriend out of his room I imagined he litterally kicked his girlfriend and she went flying

  • no ones gonna comment on 20:32

  • so this is about the MLM crowd right?

  • yay! Kurtis isn’t a shitty person!!

  • They said H&M x 7/11 collab but Forever21 has LITERALLY had a collab w 7/11 BYE SKANSNAKA

  • Lmao I just got a ad for a Christian dating site at the biggining of the video

  • jacob is not okay , he promises

  • Y’all don’t understand how much I love the way they build off each other’s jokes it gives me life love y’all 💖

  • Aw

  • yeah im looking for a girl i can find a museum with.

  • "we got it all dude, and so much more"

  • Da vinky my vinky 😔🤚

  • 18:14 do be the indoor boyfriend though

  • Kurtis is just mad cause he isn’t a cute Instagram boi getting kisses 😎

  • My grandpas name is Doug lol

  • congrats jacob!!

  • Da vinky my vinky

  • "Not all men Yes, Saiki K would NEVER.

  • I love Jacob- so happy for your recovery!!

  • this girl's like "introverts, what a disgusting creature"

  • You can tell how country someone is by how hard they slam their car door

  • All jokes aside, seeing Jacob doing so wonderfully is such a relief. Fuck cancer!!!!!!!!

  • the guy with the "Boy cry" tattoo I think has old selfharm scars and I think that because they look like mind but not has bad.

  • da vinky my vinky

  • Dont romanticize mafia's!.. Dont romanticize any sort of crime (like kidnapping, stealing, murdering, suicide, etc. Because those are the ones I most frequently see and its really starting to get on my nerves.)

  • Yummy vs the box

  • you make me laugh so much thnks

  • "Lets see if we can get 900 like" ommmggg this is so fucking olldd

  • 18:28 funniest part ever =D

  • M8 i was waiting for this video oml, im happy :)

  • ommmggg the old intrroo XD

  • This man's never seen Drake and Josh??

  • The thumbnail was so bonkers that I had to click.

  • kurtis starting to get that drunk uncle roy look or uh justin bieber i guess its in aye

  • All these people acting like his neck isn’t caused by a genetic disorder ☹️

  • Unsubscribed, I just saw your ACAB Tik Tok. I respect your right to freedom of speech, but I highly disagree with the sentiment, goodbye. 👋

    • Okay? Did we have to know that?

  • There he is!!! Thats my favourite white boy!!! (Now cancer free)